Supply Chain Management

Course Objective:

To provide participants with a sound knowledge and understanding of the supply chain concept to improve an organization’s overall supply efficiency. Other concepts included are the definitions of SCM & Logistics, identification procedures, an overview of methods, processes, and systems that are used in the operation of supply chains, and the applications of methods, processes, and systems to improve supply chain performance.


Course Content:

  • Logistics & SCM
  • Third Party Logistics Service Providers
  • Warehousing Management
  • Warehousing Functions

              – Receiving & Shipping

              – Put away & Storage

              – Order Picking

  • Inventory Management
  • Transportation Management
  • Case Studies
Recommended For:

Middle- level managers from marketing, e-commerce, sales and operations, strategic planning and general management



One year Experience in procurement, stores, warehouse and basic knowledge of material flow in the Industry

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