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Large diameter seals


Large diameter rotary seal out of G-ECOPUR

The knowledge and experience of SKF gained from long term customer relationships are important factors to understand and solve our customers' large diameter sealing requirements and they are essential contributing factors for the high quality of machined seals from SKF.


Customers have a high demand for large diameter machined sealing solutions which are tailored to their industry applications and produced in small (to medium) quantities. For these seals SKF uses its unique manufacturing system - CNC lathe production of seals with a diameter range from 540 mm to 4 000 mm and a virtually unlimited diameter range of welded seal profiles without additional tooling costs.

On-site welding

Large diameter seals can be installed on-site by the special welding technique. G-ECOPUR is the material which is best suitable for welding. SKF creates on-site joints which achieve the performance of an endless seal.

When replacing large diameter seals for heavy equipment (e.g. rotor blade seals of Kaplan turbines, flange connection seals, seals for wind power stations) our customers benefit by
  • reduced installation time,
  • reduced fitting costs and 
  • reduced plant downtime.


Our service is not just limited to developing the best sealing solution for your application, but also to produce fast and cost effective custom engineered machined seals. It includes, if required, on-site installation through our well trained and experienced service engineers.

Seal welding training

SKF offers seal welding equipment and adequate training. With equipment and knowledge customers can weld seals from SKF without the help of a service engineer on-site.
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