Aerospace and Aircraft Rings and Seals

Kaydon Ring & Seal is a leading sealing solutions provider for today’s most demanding military and commercial aerospace applications.  Kaydon bearing compartment seals, in carbon face and circumferential configurations, reduce costs by extending life and delivering outstanding performance. Kaydon sealing rings have long set the industry standard for bearing damper and other critical sealing applications in aircraft gas turbine engines and support systems. Enhanced testing facilities permit full flight profile simulations and wear testing for most applications.  

Kaydon’s expertise in the aerospace industry began in the early days with piston engine rings, and engineers still rely on Kaydon’s solutions for the most challenging high speed turbine engine applications.

Support housings, spacers and runners are provided to meet application and customer requirement. Rig testing for validation, performance and wear testing—  simulating full flight profile—are available for most applications.

Turbine engine carbon seals

  • Kaydon carbon face seals are ideal for bearing compartments with higher differential pressures
  • Kaydon circumferential thin radial cross section bearing compartment seals are applied in both military and commercial engine applications
  • Kaydon bushing seals are commonly applied on smaller engine, APU and gearbox applications where higher leakage is permissible
  • Kaydon lift seal designs provide extended life and low heat generation that reduces cost and size of oil management systems

Sealing Rings

Bearing damper rings materials include AMS7310 specifically formulated for the application, poured in Kaydon’s own foundry.

Features and Benefits

Metallic rings
  • Ideal for high temperature aerospace applications
  • Specialty ring joint designs available to minimize leakage or secure assembly
  • Static and dynamic sealing applications
  • For gas turbine engines, valves, actuators and hydraulic systems
  • Ring materials from cast iron to Inconel
  • Specialty coatings as needed for specific applications
Non-metallic rings
  • Proprietary PTFE blends
  • Thermoplastic and thermoset material options
  • Inner/outer ring assemblies
Piston Rings
  • Piston rings for reciprocating aircraft engines as found in the general aviation market for propeller aircraft