Oil & Gas Sealing Solutions

For the Oil & Gas industry, up time is money, so the reliability of their equipment is key.  Seals play an integral role in the overall reliability of process equipment, and one type of seal does not fit all. Few suppliers can provide the range of shaft seal products to fit the petroleum and natural gas industry’s need to optimize reliability as well as Kaydon. Dry gas seals, separation seals,and  circumferential seals as well as oil buffered bushing, and mechanical seals are all available to fit specific needs.  
Kaydon engineers understand the demanding environments that challenge compressors in petroleum and natural gas service, and work with your team to provide the most reliable solution for seals and support systems within your budget. 

And when it comes time for overhauls Kaydon is ready to supply expert inspection and quick turnaround repairs.
Contact Kaydon to learn how we’ve solved additional customer sealing issues, including:

  • Retrofits of refinery wet gas compressors from a labyrinth educator seal system to a Kaydon circumferential seal, eliminating all hazardous gas escaping to atmosphere without modification to compressor shaft or casing.
  • Upgrading of natural gas pipeline compressors from oil buffered seals to Kaydon dry gas seals and separation seals. Seal support systems and radial bearing upgrades permit ease of unattended operation and reduce venting of gas to atmosphere.
  • Use of gold plated process side bushings on oil seals in sour gas service or where gas compressors are flushed with caustic wash that will attack Babbitt.   Kaydon has extended run times from less than one year to more than years, with the gold bushing still in like-new condition when seals are pulled for inspection.
  • Reduce inventory count, and avoid installation issues with Kaydon universal power piston ring sets for natural gas engines.
K-DGS Dry Gas Seals
  • First dry gas seal for centrifugal compressor manufactured in 1951
  • Configured for the application: tandem, tandem with labyrinth, single, double, uni-directional or bi-directional
  • Patented Tapered Lift Ramp geometry expels contamination
  • Can be provided with integral Kaydon K-CBS separation seal
K-CBS Circumferential Barrier Seals
  • Kaydon is the industry leader in advancement of circumferential seal ring designs and manufacturing processes used in seperation seals.
  • Prevent bearing oil contamination of dry gas seal
  • Backup seal in case of DGS failure
  • Can be used as main shaft seal in K-MRC configuration
K-MRC Multi Ring Circumferential Gas Seal
  • For shaft sealing applications < 100 psi (6 bar)
  • More robust than dry gas face seals in dirty gas services such as FCC wet gas, coker wet gas , styrene off gas, flare gas recovery and alkylation
  • Can tolerate liquid and solid contamination as well as high radial and axial vibration or misalignment without failure
  • Thin radial profile is ideal for seal cavities in oil free screw compressors and for retrofit of labyrinths in centrifugal compressors.
  • No large rotating masses to impact rotor dynamics
K-BOS Bushing Oil Seal
  • Process side bushings featuring engineering bore geometry and large nominal clearances allow users to achieve lower sour oil leakage rates and longer runs.
  • Provided in pre-tested, cartridge design for installation in hours vs. days for component seal designs
  • Optional gold plated process bushing resists chemical corrosion and erosion
  • Customized for drop-in replacement without modifications to existing shafts and seal housings
K-MOS Mechanical Oil Seal
  • Carbon face seal designs ideal for refrigeration compressors and other services where positive shutoff and low leakage rates during standby periods is needed
  • Low sour oil leakage at static and dynamic conditions
  • Dual dynamic sealing elements protect leak-by during both normal and reverse pressure scenarios.
  • Cartridge design for ease of installation
Kaydon Gas Control Systems
  • Kaydon provides a single point of responsibility in providing seal gas control systems to support your gas buffered seal installation
  • Designed specifically for your application and budget
  • Provides filtration, pressure and flow control and measurement of supply and vent flows for real time seal health monitoring
Kaydon Seal Repair
  • Expert inspection and repair of all Kaydon seal products.
  • Repair of dry gas seals from all manufacturers, including John Crane, Flowserve and Eagle-Burgmann
  • Inspection reports include condition of each component, observations of operational issues, and recommendations on replacement or rework of each item
  • Seals are restored to like-new condition, dynamically tested, and shipped with a one-year warranty
Kaydon Piston Rings
  • Kaydon is the preferred power piston ring supplier for customers running low and medium speed natural gas fired engines found in natural gas transmission and oil and gas production and processing applications
  • Universal sets that run against all liner surfaces and coatings eliminate costly mistakes with the wrong ring/cylinder combination
  • Kaydon ring sets include state-of-the-art design features that provide wear resistance, oil control and blow-by control