Carbon Seals for Aerospace Turbine Engines

Kaydon Ring & Seal is a leading supplier of carbon seals used in turbine engines, auxiliary power units, and auxiliary gear boxes for both military aerospace and commercial aircraft platforms. Decades of engineering, application and manufacturing expertise are behind every product shipped, resulting in Kaydon being a "go to" supplier for not only today's program needs but also the newest engine programs.

Main Shaft Bearing Seals

Kaydon carbon seal designs are primarily utilized as main shaft bearing seals in aerospace and aircraft engine applications. Carbon face seals and carbon circumferential seals are commonly applied for these applications.

Aerospace turbine engine shaft seals are engineered to seal the main shaft bearing compartment and oil sump for more efficient and environmentally sustainable operation. Kaydon manufactures carbon seals and circumferential seals which set quality and performance standards for many commercial and military aerospace engines.  Kaydon lift seal designs have shown clear performance advantages in reducing heat generation and extending seal life, reducing load on engine oil management systems and maximizing time on wing.

Kaydon shaft seal runners, spacers and support structures simplify the supply of associated seal components and assure the proper interface of mating components.

Aerospace Industry Quality

Kaydon is known for consistently high quality, using continuous improvement and Six Sigma methodologies to achieve ever-higher levels of performance.  Kaydon's internal quality programs and processes are supported with approvals from ISO9001, AS9100 and NADCAP as well as numerous individual process approvals from the world’s leading aerospace OEM’s.

Kaydon Carbon Seals for Aerospace Applications

  • Bearing compartment face seals
  • Bearing compartment circumferential seals
  • Bearing compartment bushing seals
  • Main engine bearing compartment
  • Air seals
  • Auxiliary power unit (APU) seals
  • Auxiliary gear box seals
  • Military aircraft engine seals
  • Commercial aircraft engine seals

Why Kaydon Ring & Seal?

Customers choose Kaydon for their most demanding applications, relying on Kaydon engineers to enhance make-to-print requirements as well as providing proprietary solutions exceeding reliability and time on wing expectations.

Kaydon’s enhanced testing facilities permit full flight profile simulations and wear testing for most applications.