Kaydon Dry Gas Seal Repair Centers

Not getting the seal life or performance you need from your current compressor seals? Contact a Kaydon Dry Gas Seal Repair Center for an analysis and proposal to improve the reliability and time between overhauls for your compressor seal installations.
Seals repaired by Kaydon are tested to required specifications and guaranteed to perform like new (or better). Only Kaydon has the engineering knowledge base, manufacturing capability, and test facilities to offer Kaydon certified, guaranteed seal repair for any make, any type, any model with quick turnaround and at a fraction of the cost of a new seal. Contact us to learn more about how Kaydon can assist you with your next scheduled maintenance or emergency repair.

Kaydon Repair Work Scope

  • Provide a detailed inspection report documenting condition of seals as received, causes for seal failure or performance issues, identifying components that will be reused or reconditioned and those that will be replaced
  • Replace all O-rings, C-seals, springs and miscellaneous hardware items as required
  • Check flatness and integrity of seal faces
    • Rework critical sealing surfaces
    • Reverse engineer or re-engineer parts requiring replacement
  • Reassemble and test seals at operating speed and differential pressure specified
  • Make recommendations for improved operation and reliability
  • All seal repairs include Kaydon’s standard one year warranty

Partial List of Competitor Seal Repairs

John Crane seals
    Type 28AT
    Type 28XP
    Gaspac series
    Dry gas seals

Why Kaydon Ring & Seal?

Kaydon specializes in compressor seal applications.  Our knowledge and experience goes beyond the seal assembly with a thorough understanding of compressors and seal control systems.  Allow us to put our knowledge and experience to work for you to meet your goals of reliability and to extend your time between overhauls.  

Kaydon has the broadest range of compressor seal types available in the industry.  Our goal is to supply you with the best solution for your circumstances, whether it is repair, upgrade or replacement of your existing seal.