Piston Rings

If you are having a performance problem which requires a customized solution, you can count on Kaydon Ring & Seal’s experience, creativity, and manufacturing capability to provide the solution. Since the earliest days of large bore diesel and natural gas engines, the engine industry has relied on Kaydon's know how, proprietary materials and processes to produce the optimum piston ring set for long life, performance and reliability. Extensive testing has verified the designs and field experience has solidified Kaydon's position as the engine piston ring manufacturer of choice.

Medium Speed Diesel Engine Piston Rings

Kaydon manufacturers power piston rings, turbocharger seal assemblies and lower liner inserts for most models of EMD, General Electric and Alco medium speed diesel engines found in locomotives, workboats, and industrial/municipal power generation facilities.

Since the inception of the diesel-electric locomotive in the 1940s, Kaydon has designed and produced diesel engine piston rings for the major OEMs and railroads worldwide. Through the years, Kaydon's OEM designs and specialty design ring sets have proven most effective in reducing oil consumption, blow-by and souping. This leadership position in solving the performance problems of the industry is why Kaydon continues to be the source for innovation in the face of ever-changing environmental requirements for diesel and gas fueled engines.

Reduced Emission Power Ring Set for Locomotive Engines

Kaydon’s emissions control ring sets help reduce particulate emissions by reducing both initial and long-term oil consumption of locomotive engines. The Kaydon low emissions ring sets have been qualified to meet the EPA emissions regulations.

Improved EMD Turbocharger Seal Assemblies

Kaydon’s improved EMD 645 and EMD 710 seal assemblies incorporate significant design features that maintain a positive side seal at temperatures up to 1200°F (649°C). This assembly reduces exhaust leaks, improves turbo efficiency, and can contribute to improved fuel economy in two-piece turbochargers found in locomotives, workboats and other applications. Engines equipped with this turbocharger seal assembly can comply with EPA regulations and eliminate costly downtime.

Piston Rings for Engines in Natural Gas Transmission

Kaydon power piston ring products are found in the natural gas pipeline industry in low and medium speed gas fueled engines.

Kaydon manufactures original OEM designs and universal ring sets designed to run against all liner surfaces and coatings utilized in the marketplace today (chrome plate, cast iron, ion-nitrided surface hardening and plasma deposited coating). In conjunction with material optimization, our engineers incorporate state-of-the-art ring features and geometric shapes into Kaydon sets for optimum performance. Kaydon ring sets include state-of-the-art design features that provide wear resistance, oil control, and blow-by control.

The Kaydon universal power piston ring set means one part number per engine model will satisfy all of your needs, regardless of cylinder material, reducing the dollar value of inventory required to support an engine model in your facility, region or entire system. Eliminate costly mistakes with the wrong ring/cylinder combination.

General Industrial Applications

Kaydon provides a broad range of non-metallic rings in a wide range of applications. Various polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and PTFE rings filled with glass, bronze or carbon are applied in sealing applications including hydraulic cylinders, secondary sealing applications and primary seals in cryogenic pumps and transmissions.  Metallic energizing rings are often used in conjunction with non-metallic rings as applications require.

Kaydon Piston Rings and Seal Assemblies

  • Natural gas transmission gas engine power piston rings
  • Low and medium speed natural gas engine piston rings
  • Universal power piston ring set
  • Medium and low speed diesel engines
  • Locomotive diesel engine piston rings
  • EMD 645 turbocharger seal assemblies
  • EMD 710 turbocharger seal assemblies
  • EMD 645 and EMD 710 low emissions ring set
  • General aviation reciprocating engine power piston rings
  • Chrome plated piston rings
  • Carbon piston rings
  • PTFE and PTFE filled rings

Why Kaydon Ring & Seal?

Our customers specify Kaydon piston rings to assure the highest quality, best performance and ultimate in reliability. Can you afford anything else?