Sealing Rings for Aerospace Applications

Since the earliest days of piston and gas turbine powered aircraft engines, the industry has relied on Kaydon Ring & Seal's know how, proprietary materials and processes to produce the optimum sealing ring solution for long life, performance and reliability.

Kaydon sealing rings are specified for a broad range of static and dynamic aerospace sealing ring applications, in turbine engines, actuators, auxiliary power units, environmental control units and high temperature valve applications for both military and commercial platforms. Kaydon designs and manufactures sealing rings that are applied as bearing damper rings, used in hydraulic systems, in valve and actuator assemblies, and other critical sealing applications. Decades of engineering, application and manufacturing expertise are behind every product produced, and results in Kaydon being a "go to" supplier for the most demanding applications.

A variety of materials are utilized depending on the application and range of service conditions. Patented joint configurations are available for those applications requiring the strictest leakage control and for blind assembly applications. Various coatings are also utilized and are specified based on the needs of the application.

Piston Rings for General Aviation

Kaydon is a leading supplier for engine OEMs manufacturing piston engines for the general aviation market. Kaydon engineers support the OEM in optimizing the piston ring design and features from engine introduction through the entire life cycle of the engine program. Kaydon’s quality and product consistency is unsurpassed in the industry.

Ring Materials for Proven Performance

Kaydon offers extensive know-how in the application of a full range of materials to meet performance demands. We offer a range of materials from metallic ferrous rings and high temperature alloys such as Inconel, to thermoplastic and thermoset nonmetallic materials. Kaydon’s own foundry produces our proprietary AMS7310, a preferred ring material for many aircraft engine applications with a proven history of superior performance characteristics.  Kaydon also offers proprietary PTFE blends developed for optimum wear and sealing efficiency for specific applications.

Extensive testing has verified these designs, and over 80 years of field experience has solidified Kaydon's position as the seal ring manufacturer of choice for aerospace applications.

Consistent Quality

Kaydon is known for our consistently high quality. Kaydon utilizes continuous improvement and Six Sigma methodologies in our vigorous efforts to achieve even higher levels of performance. Kaydon's internal quality programs and processes are supported with approvals from ISO9001, AS9100 and NADCAP as well as numerous individual process approvals from the world’s leading aerospace OEMs.


  • Engine bearing damper rings
  • Secondary seals used in carbon face seals
  • Turbine module seals
  • Tube seals
  • Flight actuator seals
  • Auxiliary power unit (APU) seals
  • Environmental control unit (ECU, ECS) seals
  • High temperature valve application seals
  • Military aircraft engine seals
  • Commercial aircraft engine seals
  • Piston engines for general aviation

Why Kaydon Ring & Seal?

Kaydon sealing rings are unsurpassed in quality and performance. Customers count on Kaydon for their most demanding applications over a full range of sizes, with materials and configurations to meet the needs of the application.

Kaydon’s engineering team has the experience and expertise to help with optimizing designs, materials and features to provide the performance and reliability needed in your application.