Simplex cutter and pump gear bulkhead seals

Our Simplex bulkhead seals safeguard the cutter suction dredger’s machine rooms for pump gear and cutter gear.

With their well-tested, reliable technology, the fast availability of OEM spare parts as well as the global service network they are the right choice when uptime is the essential success factor.

The Simplex seal portfolio includes lip and face type seals as well as combined seals, customized to your individual needs while also keeping environmental rules and regulations in mind.

In particular we offer:
  • Pump gear bulkhead seals
  • Cutter gear bulkhead seals
  • Simplex seals for gearboxes (cutter head gearbox and pump gearbox)
  • Special Simplex seal solutions for main shaft (environmental friendly)
In addition to that we have a wide range of seal accessories such as flushing and circulation units, and net protection solutions on hand.

Our marine team would be happy to assist you in finding the optimum solution for your individual needs.
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