Ethics and Compliance

The SKF Code of Conduct  is the foundation for ethical leadership in the Group. Here is where we integrate apply compliance demands related to topics as fraud, corruption, competition law, the environment, health, safety and human rights. With the code of conduct as the minimum level, we work towards sustainable development through our business and operations.

Awareness is critical for ethical leadership and Ethical leadership trainings held at SKF units around the world bring up issues and situations in day-to-day operations – how to identify ethical dilemmas and how to prepare or avoid difficult situations prior  to tenders, customer meetings, supplier events and business trips. 

In SKF we also hold awareness trainings via e-learnings and distribution of Group policies. Most SKF companies also include this in onboarding and induction training.
We follow up our performance based on risk assessments, audits and reviews and anonymous reporting of ethical concerns.
Read more in our Annual report 2017 on page 130.

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