Eddy Current Probe Systems

ECP system-3qtr with probe CMSS 785 21EX

The CMSS 785 system is an eddy-current type non-contact displacement/vibration system. It is used for measuring shaft vibration, axial position, rotational speed and phase in rotating equipment. Such equipment ranges from from small machinery to large critical machinery.

The CMSS 785 can be used in conjunction with the SKF On-line systems (IMx) in the following, typical industries:

  • Petroleum refineries
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Power generation plants

Common applications for machinery protection include turbines and compressors.


  • Suitable for various applications: shaft vibration, axial position, rotating speed and phase mark of critical rotating machinery
  • Environmental friendly design: lead-free soldering, RoHS compliance and small footprint 
  • Flexible mounting options: DIN-rail adapter or 8-screw plate adapter
  • API standard 670 (5th Edition) compliant
  • CE compliant
  • Intrinsically safe (CSA and ATEX)
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