Cooling System Service Equipment

Mityvac offers the most advanced cooling system test and refill equipment available. 

In addition to offering a professional pressure tester and AirEvac kit, Mityvac is the first to combine pressure, temperature, and vacuum testing and automatic refill into one kit. Only MV4525 is capable of performing all these tests and functions, replacing up to three different competitive kits. 

But even more important, it is the first tester designed for testing a vehicle with the engine on or off. Testing with the engine on provides real-time feedback of pressure, vacuum and temperature while the engine warms up through its normal operating cycle. So, the most accurate assessment on how the cooling system is functioning is provided. Using this system, a technician can quickly and easily diagnose:

  • cooling system leaks
  • blown head gasket
  • cracked or damaged head or block
  • faulty thermostat, fan switch/relay, or coolant sensor.

To compliment our testers, Mityvac offers 29 custom designed adapters to fit the radiators, coolant bottles, and caps of virtually every make and model. All adapters are sold separately, and are also available in five cost saving kits.