ATF Refill Adapters

Some automotive manufacturers have eliminated the automatic transmission dipstick tube from many of their new models. In these cases, specially designed adapters are required to refill or top-off the transmission when the fluid level is low or following repairs. 

For this purpose, Mityvac offers the following adapters. Each is available for separate purchase or in kits MVA7216, MVA5800 or MV6410.

Part No
Ford ATF refill adapter⅛ in. NPTFord
MVA581Toyota ATF refill adapter18 x 1.5Toyota
MVA582Angled ATF refill adapterNABMW, Honda, Nissan
MVA583VW ATF refill adapter, shortNAVolkswagen
MVA584VW ATF refill adapter, longNAVolkswagen
MVA585VW ATF refill adapter10 x 1.0>Volkswagen
MVA586VW/Audi ATF refill adapter24 x 1.5VW, Audi with DSG transmission
MVA587Audi ATF refill adapter22 x 1.5Audi with CVT transmission
MVA588 *Mercedes ATF refill adapter12 x 1.5Mercedes with 722.9 transmission
MVA589Volvo ATF refill adapter⁵⁄₁₆ in.-24 UNFVolvo
MVA7210 **ATF refill hoseNANA
MVA7212ATF refill hose with Ford adapter⅛ in. NPTFord
MVA7214ATF refill hose with Toyota adapterNA

* Note for Model MV588:

Proposition 65: Click here to read the full warning

** Note for model MVA7210

Proposition 65: Click here to read the full warning