MV5567 Fuel Injection Cleaner


Designed for use in professional service shops to provide quick, convenient and reliable fuel injector and air induction cleaning. The Mityvac Fuel Injection Cleaner utilizes compressed air to make it highly effective at removing and preventing deposits on fuel injectors. Also effective at loosening and dissolving carbon build-up in the air induction system, including the throttle plate and intake manifolds and valves. Cleaning solutions specially formulated for fuel injector or induction system cleaning are required and must be purchased separately.


  • Quickly and cleanly removes and prevents fuel injector deposits, and loosens and dissolves carbon on intake manifold and valves.
  • Enhances engine performance, improves fuel economy, reduces maintenance and improves emissions.
  • Uses standard shop-air to deliver cleaning solution directly into the fuel stream or spray it into the air induction system (MVA550 required for induction system cleaning)
  • Functions on most domestic and import cars with high or low pressure fuel systems
  • High quality pressure gauge and adjustable regulator combination ensures proper delivery of cleaning solution.
  • Durable steel and die cast aluminum construction
  • Includes 16 adapters in custom-molded case for connecting to most fuel injected vehicles


  • Fuel Injection Cleaner Assembly with pressure regulator, gauge, valves, fittings, and 32 oz (950 ml) canister
  • 4 ft. (1.2 m) long connection hose
  • 16 fuel injection system connectors in custom-molded case (MVA565)
  • Wall mount bracket
  • User manual


Packaged weight: 10.9 lbs. (4.9 kgs)