Hand Pump Kits

Mityvac pump kits combine our hand vacuum/pressure pumps with accessories carefully selected to provide the most comprehensive kits available for automotive servicing. Mityvac offers kits for simple, clean and quick one-person brake bleeding, as well as more extensive kits for testing and diagnosing hundreds of automotive related functions. 

With our Silverline Elite and Selectline automotive kits, you can test and diagnose:

  • Turbocharger
  • Vacuum gauges
  • Diesel valves
  • Ignition timing
  • Carburetor chokes
  • Valve stem oil seals
  • Power brakes
  • Automatic transmissions
  • Emission control systems
  • Diesel piston pin retainer leaks
  • Air/Fuel mixtures
  • Distributor vacuum advance/retard mechanisms
  • Air conditioner/heating controls
  • Mechanical & electrical vacuum pumps
  • Computerized engine control systems
  • EGR valves
  • Mechanical fuel pumps
  • Turbocharger wastegates
  • Carburetor adjustments and service
  • Vacuum actuated accessories