Hand Vacuum/Pressure Pumps


The original Mityvac hand vacuum/pressure pumps are used by automotive technicians, service and maintenance professionals, engineers, scientists and Do-It-Yourselfers worldwide. No other hand pump on the market comes close to offering the features, quality, selection and accessories at such an outstanding value. Renowned for its versatility and virtually endless list of applications, the Mityvac hand pump has been supporting working professionals with unquestioned accuracy and reliability for over 30 years. In keeping with our tradition of innovation, Mityvac continues to expand our selection of pumps, pump kits and accessories, to better suit the needs of our customers.

Pump Features

Despite their seemingly simple design, Mityvac hand pumps offer a long list of unique features, many of them patent protected, which continue to make them superior to all other hand pumps on the market. Some of these
features include:

  • Lever Vacuum/Pressure Release
    All of our hand pumps feature lever-style vacuum/pressure release. This unique feature allows the operator to quickly and conveniently relieve the vacuum or pressure in the pump and system by reaching forward with one finger and lifting up on the lever. It’s easy and the operator doesn’t have to release the pump or use a second hand.
  • Repairable
    All Mityvac Silverline and Selectline hand pumps feature a simple, repairable design. Pumps require nothing more than a screwdriver to disassemble, and standard maintenance kits and replacement parts are available for most common service items.
  • In-line Piston Design
    Mityvac hand pumps operate using a simple linear piston design that requires very few moving parts, and builds smooth, consistent vacuum or pressure throughout the length of each stroke. The pump handles operate on the principle of leverage to create a powerful vacuum or pressure with only limited effort from the operator. A natural, one-hand squeezing action creates vacuum or pressure on the squeeze stroke.
  • Contoured Handle
    Mityvac pumps feature an ergonomic handle design, making them comfortable to operate and keeping them secure in the operator’s hand, even when they’re greasy and slick.

Pump Options


One of the reasons Mityvac is the world leader in hand pumps is due to our extensive selection of available options. By offering a wide range of pump configurations, users can select exactly the pump they need for their application without having to settle for a pump that won’t perform, or pay more for options they don’t use. Whether purchasing a pump for brake bleeding, engine diagnostics, windshield repair, fluid transfer or any one of hundreds of other applications, Mityvac offers the pump that fits your requirements.

  • Metal or PVC
    Unique to the industry, Mityvac offers two outstanding lines of hand vacuum/pressure pumps, our Silverline metal pumps and our Selectline PVC pumps.
    Mityvac’s Silverline pumps are constructed primarily of zinc-aluminum die cast components, giving them greater durability while keeping them lightweight. This additional level of durability is required for tough working environments such as maintenance or service shops. With a little care and maintenance, Silverline pumps will provide a lifetime of flawless performance.
    Mityvac Selectline hand vacuum/pressure pumps feature a body molded of tough, durable PVC. These pumps are an exceptional value because they not only offer all the features of metal pumps, but they include some very attractive advantages as well:
    • Lightweight - a standard PVC pump without a gauge, weighs less than five ounces!
    • Non-marring - PVC is ideal for use around delicate finishes or in fragile applications such as windshield repair or in laboratories
    • Non-corrosive - PVC is unaffected by wet, humid conditions
    • Chemical Resistant - PVC is naturally chemical resistant, a great advantage for use in laboratories and many industrial applications
  • With or Without a Gauge
    The standard Mityvac Selectline hand vacuum pump is available with or without a gauge. Whether or not you should purchase a pump with a gauge depends on economics and your intended application. For the most part, applications that can be performed without a gauge, can be perform with one. Having a gauge is an added benefit on most applications, even brake bleeding, and a requirement on others. It allows continuous monitoring while applying vacuum or pressure to a system, and it’s the best way to capture a peak vacuum or pressure reading during a critical diagnostic test.
    All Mityvac gauges are absolutely top quality. We’ve stopped at nothing to offer only the best gauges. All have undergone stringent testing prior to their selection, and feature smooth gearless patented diaphragm movement for superior accuracy and durability without needle bounce.
  • Standard or Dual Converter
    Many applications for Mityvac hand pumps require pressure rather than vacuum. For example, a turbocharger waste gate requires pressure to test for proper function and accuracy. It’s also convenient for testing cooling systems to determine the source of leaks that can lead to overheating and severe engine damage. To fulfill the needs of modern service technicians, Mityvac Selectline and Silverline dual pressure/vacuum pumps offer a switch that allows the operator to alternate between vacuum and pressure at the front port. These pumps include a compound gauge that indicates both pressure and vacuum levels.
  • Standard or Superpump
    How much volume do you want to move? That’s the question to ask when deciding between the Mityvac standard pump and Mityvac Superpump.
    Our standard pump displaces 1 cu. in. (16 cc) per stroke, ideal for transferring volumes of fluid less than 1 qt. (950 ml), and it provides superior control when performing diagnostics on engines and other vacuum controlled functions and equipment.
    On the other hand, the Mityvac Selectline Superpump displaces twice the volume per stroke, up to 2 cu. in. (32 cc), as our standard pump; making it more efficient when moving volumes greater than 1 qt. (950 ml). It’s ideal for larger brake bleeding applications on cars and trucks, or when dedicated to transferring or siphoning larger volumes of fluid.

Pump Selection

Mityvac offers a selection of six basic hand-held vacuum/pressure pump models, one Silverline and five Selectline. Each is featured in the chart below, and differentiated by a combination of features and options. By offering such a wide selection, you can maximize the value and performance of your hand pump by choosing the exact features that best meet the requirements of your application.

Model NoMV8510*MV8030MV8010*MV8255*MV8257MV8121
DescriptionSilverline Vacuum/
Pressure Pump
Vacuum Pump
Vacuum Pump
Selectline Vacuum
Selectline Vacuum
Vacuum Pump
Vol./Stroke1 in³
(16 cm³)
2 in³
(32 cm³)
Dual Converter²YesNoNoYesYesNo
Weight2.5 lbs.
(1.3 kg)
6.9 oz
(194 g)
11 oz
(313 g)
11.5 oz
(326 g)
12.2 oz
(345 g)
11.7 oz
(332 g)
Max. Vacuum25 in Hg
(85 kPa)
Max. Pressure²30+ psi
(207+ kPa)
N/A30 psi
(207 kPa)
Maintenance Kit³
Replacement GaugeMVA6176*N/AMVA6178*MVA6181*N/A

¹ Mityvac vacuum gauges are scaled 0-30 in. of Mercury (0-100 kPa). Compound gauges included on dual vacuum/pressure converter pumps are scaled 0-30 psi (0-200 kPa) pressure, and 0-30 in. of Mercury (0-100 kPa) vacuum.

² All Mityvac pumps produce vacuum at the front port. Dual converter pumps are capable of producing vacuum or pressure at the front port. A rotating knob on the side of the pump allows the operator to switch between vacuum and pressure. Dual converter pumps include a compound gauge for indicating levels of both.

³ Maintenance kits include components necessary to perform routine maintenance on Mityvac pumps. Other service parts are available and indicated in the pump service manual.

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Service Kits for Discontinued Hand Pump Models

Model No.Service Kit

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