SKF 8th Annual Wind Farm Management Conference

Fecha: 2013 Jun 12-13
Ubicación: Varsovia
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This year’s conference focused on the realization of cost savings through a well planned and executed maintenance strategy, the optimization of wind farm assets, risk management and how operations and maintenance can place a major role in the reduction of the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) in this industry.
The wind business, still a young industry, has one major key target to reach: grid parity with traditional sources of energy. When reaching this point, wind energy will not only be the cleanest and most environmentally friendly source of energy, but also the most profitable investment in energy, and by then we can foresee a major development.
To reach optimal LCOE, smart solutions and smart technology have to be applied in all aspects and stages of the turbine life cycle. SKF is investing in developing new technology for the wind industry industry, such as SKF Insight™, to provide early information on equipment malfunctioning to ensure the most cost-efficient operation and maintenance procedures. In addition, this information provides feedback when designing the next generations of turbines.

Conference presentations

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