Meeting the challenges of staying profitable

In today’s global fleet of increasingly specialized vessels, staying profitable means exploring every possibility for improvement, especially in light of rising fuel costs, increasingly stringent environmental regulations, and growing health and safety concerns.

System designers and suppliers have to develop more predictable, reliable and fuel-efficient products. Shipyards need to drive productivity and cut manufacturing costs. Ship operators need to maximize time at sea, reduce maintenance costs, and provide a safe working environment for the crew.

Added experience of Blohm + Voss Industries

For more than 70 years, SKF has been applying innovative thinking and expertise to critical marine machinery. With the incorporation of the Blohm + Voss Industries portfolio, the SKF marine product range has been increased to also include shaft components such as sterntubes, seals and hydrodynamic bearings as well as stabilizers and oily water separators. From couplings and shaftline transmission products to integrated units for propulsion systems, SKF solutions cut operating costs while helping operators meet the challenges of reduced environmental impact.

In addition, SKF provides a full range of condition based maintenance solutions, plus expert 24-hour service to solve problems and help maximize fleet availability.

Throughout the ship life cycle, partnering with SKF helps to:
  • Increase availability and reliability
  • Cut operating and maintenance costs
  • Reduce health and safety concerns

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