Large bearing test centre in Schweinfurt

SKF is building the world's most powerful large bearing test centre at its Schweinfurt site. The test centre will help produce large bearings for a wide range of industries in a more cost-effective manner that saves resources while increasing the reliability and service life of such bearings.

The new SKF test centre for large bearings is under construction at the 'Werk 3' site in Schweinfurt, where Augsburger Renk Test System GmbH is installing two new test stations in a state-of-the-art twin building. The test centre will consist of two wings, each measuring around 80 x 20 metres. 

One of the wings will house technical auxiliary equipment, while the other will contain two previously existing SKF test facilities, as well as the two, brand new test stations. 

The larger of the two new test stations is particularly well suited for large bearings in the renewable energy sector. The smaller station – which is still unrivalled worldwide – is principally for testing large bearings for industrial sectors such as shipbuilding and mining, as well as cement and steel production.

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