Bearing System Design

January 2016

Bearing System Design

Did you know it’s possible for Rolling Element Bearings to have infinite life? 

Possible, but only achievable with great system design. Bearing numbers in catalogs only tell part of the story. Maximizing bearing service life in real-world applications requires key knowledge about bearings and the conditions under which they operate. SKF offers training which will help you to identify critical application design parameters so you can select the right bearing type, size and lubrication to ensure the longest possible Rolling Element Bearing life. 

However, once your application is in the field, things can change. Rolling Element Bearings are built into systems based on as much knowledge of the operating conditions as is available prior to locking in the design. 

Yet, when machines are repurposed in the field, you will need to pull out your system design tools again in order to ensure that the bearings can handle any potential changes that may occur. For example: common practice in the field is to use an electric motor in a vertical condition rather than horizontal, perhaps as a creative way to solve a space problem. It may be possible to simply replace the bearing(s) with another style to handle the new thrust load from the vertical shaft, while keeping the envelope dimensions the same. However, other concerns such as minimum loads should also be considered. SKF offers training and tools to solve these problems and more in order to maximize bearing service life.