Climate strategy

SKF’s climate strategy is focusing on CO2, which is concluded to be the most significant greenhouse gas produced as a result of our business activities. It is based on the BeyondZero thinking model to reduce the negative and increase the positive. 
Based on a number of life cycle assessments of our products and solutions we have clearly found that the use phase is – by far – where we can make the most significant contribution to climate change mitigation. However, in line with BeyondZero, we also believe that it is our responsibility to use our combined knowledge, experience, influence and creativity to minimize the negative environmental impact deriving from our operations long the entire value chain.
SKF’s climate strategy 2012-2016 is focusing on four areas, where the carbon intensity is relatively high and SKF has the possibility to drive real, positive change. We have set ourselves tough targets and we can show solid performance over time:

On our own manufacturing, SKF said we would decrease energy use (this closely correlates with CO2 emissions) to 5% less than our 2006 level. By the end of 2015 we were at 17% reduction.  

We also targeted to reduce energy directly associated to production output by 5% every year. This has been trickier since the production rate has differed significantly over the years. Even so, we have become significantly more energy efficient compared to business growth (net sales).

On raw materials and purchased goods SKF said that all major suppliers that are energy intensive shall be certified to ISO 50001 energy management (as is SKF). By the end of 2015, 75% are certified and the rest are working towards certification.

On goods transportation SKF said that we would reduce the CO2 intensity (CO2 emissions per tonne-kilometre) by 30% between 2012 and 2016. By the end of 2015 we were at an 18% reduction.

On customer solutions SKF said we would grow the revenue from the SKF BeyondZero portfolio from SEK 2.5 bn in 2011 to SEK 10 bn by year-end 2016. By the end of 2015, SKF BeyondZero portfolio revenues amounted to nearly SEK 6 bn.


SKF's challenging targets are set across our entire value chain. Read more about these individual areas below, and in our Annual Report.

Climate change targets across the value chain

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