Condition monitoring product repairs

For administrative purposes, a Return Authorization (RA) is required prior to returning any product to one of our Certified Repair Depots. An RA is also required if you submit a CD containing your software database.

Our repair coordinator can advise you on the typical turn-around time for the repair of your product and arrange for a loaner unit for customers under a qualifying PSP. They will also advise the typical repair costs for non-warranty repairs so that you can prepare and include a purchase order with your shipment.

To avoid unnecessary returns, our Technical Support Group will want to discuss and verify your problem before issuing an RA.

Return Authorization Form

Frequently asked questions

What is a Return Authorization?
A Return Authorization (RA) is a record number that the factory issues to track any equipment being returned to us. When equipment properly labelled with the RA number arrives at our receiving dock, our staff will know immediately why this equipment was sent to us and what to do with it. This process is documented in our ISO9001 approved work procedures. Conversely, equipment arriving without an RA number will be put on a shelf until completion of a time-consuming investigation, eventually resulting in either the issuance of a belated RA or returning the equipment to the sender. SKF cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to equipment being returned to us without an RA.

When would I need an RA?
An RA is required for all product returns to one of our Certified Repair Depots or to our Product Centre.

How can I obtain an RA?
The best, most efficient way to obtain an RA is by filling in the on-line form (link above). If that is not possible, please contact us by e-mail at to obtain an RA for sales returns, calibrations and repairs. For product warranty repairs (including database maintenance), our Technical Support Group will want to discuss and verify your problem before issuing an RA, in order to avoid unnecessary returns.

Shipping instructions will be included with the RA.

E-mail us at with your questions or problems with an RA.
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