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SKF MachineLube

Centralized lubrication systems for machine tools

SKF MachineLube

System description:

When it comes to machine tools, reliability, precision and efficiency are crucial. To help meet these demands, SKF has developed SKF MachineLube solutions and these include a complete range of centralized, multi-point lubrication systems that help machines run more smoothly, while also extending the service life of linear guides and bearings.

An example of the solutions within SKF MachineLube range is SKF LubriLean minimal quantity lubrication systems for machining processes that can help reduce overall production time by up to 30% and significantly increase tool life. What is more, SKF lubrication solutions contribute to a more precise cutting process, better surface quality and a more environmentally friendly workplace. SKF offers a wide range of MQL units and equipment to strengthen the monitoring and control possibilities.

Another example are SKF solutions for spindle lubrication: The performance required of spindle bearings is only possible long-term if combined with a well-designed lubrication solution. We offer a variety of lubrication solutions for different spindle speeds.
  • The ETPC relubrication cartridge, which can be integrated directly into the spindle, and the SKF Compact Greaser are available for lower speeds suitable for grease lubrication.
  • For tool spindles designed for high efficiency and long service life, we developed especially powerful SKF Oil+Air lubrication systems which provide a continuous, finely metered flow of oil that can be tailored to operating conditions by changing the metered quantity and the cycle. SKF offers a range of Oil+Air products.
  • SKF Microdosage is well suited for airless lubrication of especially high-speed spindles with speed factors above 2 million n x dm (corresponding to 80 000 rpm with a 25 mm bearing diameter, for example). This system stands out for using oil as a carrier medium and for its very fast responses to changed lubricant requirements.


Friction and wear occur on all moving parts and require specific lubrication solutions. SKF MachineLube offers an ideal lubrication solution for every application. They protect machine tool bearings, linear guides, screw drives, bedways, spindles, tools, and workpieces.

SKF MachineLube, the right lubrication solution for each task

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