Single-line lubrication systems

SKF MonoFlex for oil, semi-fluid grease and hard grease

SKF MonoFlex single-line lubrication systems
SKF MonoFlex single-line lubrication systems
System description:

A pump feeds the lubricant via the main line to the lubricant distributors, where it is metered and fed to the lubrication points. Depending on the type of distributors used, this is performed during or after the pump cycle. The individual lubricant requirement for each lubrication point can be adapted using different metering nipples (0,01 to 2,5 cm³). One piston metering valve per lubrication point makes sure the right amount of lubricant is delivered, regardless of any changes in viscosity or back pressure.

SKF MonoFlex systems are designed for pressures ranging from 16 to 315 bar and venting pressures from 2 to 70 bar. The parallel set-up of the single line metering valves enables a simple, and reliable system design and installation.

  • Scalable system planning thanks to modular design
  • Suitable for almost all lubricants, oil and grease up to NLGI grade 2
  • Easy system expansion
  • System does not fail completely if a lubrication point clogs
  • Support for integrated control unit


SKF MonoFlex systems are mainly designed for small to medium sized machines used in a range of industries, such as machine tool, printing, textile and construction.

Lubrication system components

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