Fixed induction heater

Safe and easy bearing removal in just 3 minutes

The fixed size EAZ induction heaters are designed to safely and easily dismount cylindrical roller bearing inner rings, which are often mounted with a very tight interference fit. Heating the inner ring rapidly loosens the fit, as the shaft remains cool, enabling the ring to be removed without causing damage to the shaft or inner ring.  With easy-to-use fixed size EAZ induction heaters, three minutes are usually enough time to professionally dismount cylindrical roller bearing inner rings or similar components.
Fixed induction heaters EAZ series
  • Control cabinets from SKF provide the necessary power to run fixed size EAZ heaters and are available with various voltages to operate EAZ heaters in almost any country. Special versions of the control cabinets are available that enable up to three EAZ heaters to be used simultaneously. 
  • In light section mills, rod wire mills or railway applications, EAZ heaters can often dismount cylindrical roller bearing inner rings with one or more rows of rollers or multiple inner rings at the same time.
  • EAZ induction heaters can also be used to dismount non-bearing elements like sleeves or rings.

Cylindrical roller bearings are essential machine components for applications in steel, railway and other industries. In many cases cylindrical roller bearings experience harsh operating conditions and need to be replaced frequently. Fixed size EAZ heaters and corresponding control cabinets are one SKF dismounting solution that supports fast, easy and safe dismounting of cylindrical roller bearing inner rings and similar components.

Features and benefits

Control cabinet for Fixed induction heaters EAZ series
Control cabinet
  • Reduced time to remove bearings
  • Only one person is required
  • Increased production time
  • Available in different voltage versions
  • Bearings can be reused


Examples of EAZ heater designations
DesignationInner ring dimension (mm)
 FBdinterference fit
EAZ F179179168145p6
EAZ F180180130160p6
EAZ F202202168180p6
EAZ F222-1222170200p6
EAZ F222222200200p6
EAZ F226226192200p6
EAZ F260260206230r6
EAZ F312312220280r6
EAZ F332332300300r6
EAZ F364364240320p6
Please, add corresponding F dimension as a suffix to the designation when ordering (e.g. EAZ F312MV).
Voltage classification
LVLow voltage190 to 230 V
MVMedium voltage400 to 480 V
HVHigh voltage500 to 575 V
HVCHigh voltage, CSA ready575 V
Add corresponding class as a suffix to the designation when ordering (e.g. EAZ F312MV).
Control cabinet versions
SS1x fixed EAZmax. 250 A
SSD2x fixed EAZmax. 350 A
SST3x fixed EAZ 
Add corresponding cabinet version to the designation when ordering (e.g. SSD C350B).
Control cabinet base voltage and frequency code
A230 V50 Hz
B400 V50 Hz
C460 V60 Hz
E575 V60 Hz
Add corresponding control cabinet voltage and frequency code as a suffix to the designation when ordering (e.g. SSD C350B).
Fixed size EAZ heaters are customised SKF Induction Heaters for dismounting cylindrical roller bearing inner rings. Please contact SKF to assist you in finding an EAZ heater that suits your application. EAZ heaters are supplied without a control cabinet. SKF control cabinets are required to operate the fixed size EAZ heater and can be ordered separately.
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