Using LDSLV designs

There are two alternative ways of using SKF wear sleeves for heavy industrial applications (fig 1):
  1. The sleeve is positioned on the shaft until it covers the damaged part and a new seal, designed for a 4,78 mm (0.188 in.) larger shaft diameter, is used.
  2. The shaft is machined down by 4,78 mm (0.188 in.) in diameter, the sleeve is installed and the original seal size is used.
The reworked shaft surface for the sleeve should have a surface roughness between Ra 2,5 and 3,2 µm (100 to 125 µin.).


The shaft tolerances for LDSLV designs, due to their heated slip-fit installation, are different from those for radial shaft seals. Contact SKF for assistance if the sleeves are to be used in systems with sustained temperatures higher than 75 °C (165 °F) and surface speeds in excess of 20 m/s (3 900 ft/min).
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