SKF High Performance Hub Bearing Unit

For car wheel applications, improving fuel efficiency and reliability requires component solutions that can increase performance and reduce friction. The SKF High Performance Hub Bearing Unit delivers both. This SKF unit features several key advances:

  • Improved sealing performance using a 3 lips seal
  • Reduced friction obtained by new rubber compound and optimized design
  • Increased assembly robustness due to lower sensitivity to mounting tolerances

  • High improvement in raceway rust inhibition
  • Better resistance to false brinelling by improved grease thickener
  • Less grease leakage
  • Extended temperature range

Raceway geometry
  • Higher thrust load capability
  • Lower contact stresses
  • Reduced edge stresses

< Steel quality
  • Extremely clean and homogenous steel
  • Reduced oxygen level content
  • Improved steel quality

Benefits for designers and drivers

For car designers, the SKF High Performance HBU provides a robust wheel end solution that can withstand severe operating conditions. As a friction reducer, the unit cuts seal friction by 25%, reducing up to 0,5% of overall vehicle power loss for lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. For drivers, the unit increases service life, thereby reducing vehicle maintenance and total ownership costs.
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