Preload range reduction for hub bearing unit

It reduces friction while maintaining the same bearing performance


The automotive industry is continually looking for solutions to reduce CO2 out-put and improve vehicle efficiency. This new SKF offer is a solution applicable to third generation hub bearing units (HBU). The preload range reduction for third generation hub bearing unit showed up to 10% (~ 0,1 Nm) lower friction during internal tests. These benefits have been reached maintaining the other bearing performance.

The emission benefit is achieved by reducing the car wheel hub bearing unit’s friction torque with a more controlled preload. This reduction has been obtained by combining design and process improvements. The SKF Vehicle Environmental Performance Simulator(VEPS), based on the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC), calculated CO2 emission savings of up to 0,2 g CO2 per km.

Among the most relevant operational and environmental benefits we can highlight:

  • Total vehicle CO2 emission reduction
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Up to 10% friction reduction maintaining the same bearing performance
  • Applicable on all HBU3 rolled bearings
  • Applicable to new platforms and existing productions

Impact - economic, social and environmental

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