Reduced unplanned downtime and maintenance costs with SKF ProFlex in cereal production line

The challenge

SKF Proflex for cereal processing
A cereal processing plant was experiencing unplanned downtime in a cereal drum dryer due to inadequate bearing lubrication. Operating in a highly humid environment, the existing lubrication system was compromised by a broken and blocked line that restricted lubricant flow. In addition, the system provided no alert indicating lubrication failures.

The SKF solution

An SKF ProFlex progressive lubrication system was installed on the drum dryer. The system was equipped with a digital control system allowing lubrication amounts and frequency to be preset. All system components were housed in a stainless steel enclosure to meet cereal processing requirements. The system also included a proximity switch that alerted operators in the event of a lubrication system problem.

The results

As a result of installing the SKF system, the cereal producer achieved savings in labour previously needed for manual lubrication, a reduction in unplanned downtime, a decrease in chain wear, and savings in costs for chain replacement and installation. With this lubrication system, chains have an extended service life of 12-15 years, compared to 6-7 years with conventional systems.

Summary over 8 months:
  • Reduced work related to manual lubrication:  €2 470
  • Elimination of unplanned downtime:  €13 900
  • Elimination of planned downtime (for lubrication):  €27 800
  • Reduced lubricant consumption:  €2 370
  • HSE incidents cost savings:  €19 300
  • Total savings:  €65 840
Note: All numbers are rounded off and based on customer estimates. Your particular cost savings may vary.
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