SKF self-aligning bearing system

The industrial fan shaft challenge

SKF self-aligning bearing system
Industrial fan shafts usually have separate bearing locations, with one bearing in the locating position and one bearing in the non-locating position. With spherical roller bearings on both sides, shaft elongation is often accommodated by the bearing in the non-locating position by having a loose outer ring fit.

The SKF solution

Designed to overcome this problem, the SKF self-aligning bearing system for fan shafts incorporates an SKF Explorer spherical roller bearing in the locating position and a CARB® toroidal roller bearing in the non-locating position. The system accommodates misalignment and shaft elongation, virtually without friction. Benefits include:
  • Possibility of higher speeds, resulting from less heat generation
  • Reduced energy consumption, resulting from reduced friction
  • No induced internal axial forces for reduced operating temperatures
  • Improved lubrication, resulting from lower bearing operating temperatures
  • Reduced risk of imbalance, resulting from lower vibration levels
  • Reduced maintenance costs, resulting from extended relubrication intervals
  • Extended bearing service life
  • Reduced vibration and noise levels
  • Increased reliability

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