Application engineering

SKF Marine provides a wide range of application engineering services applicable for a majority of the onboard rotating machinery, including:
  • Necessary calculations according to classification society requirements
  • 360°-approach from installation to start-up and instruction of the crew
  • Efficient product training for our customers
Services typically include calculation and verification using advanced proprietary software.

As the market leader for bearing arrangements in thrusters, pods, waterjets and gears, SKF Marine’s application engineering knowledge forms one of the cornerstones of the SKF Marine position in the marine industry.

Chocking plans

SKF Marine can calculate chocking requirements for all parts of the propulsion train. These calculations are in line with classification society requirements and will provide precise details on the specific needs.

Optimizing performance with SKF Marine engineering consultancy services.

SKF Marine engineering consultancy services has helped many customers to:
  • Optimize quality and performance of their designs
  • Reduce time-to-market by faster design verification and professional testing
  • Find the root cause of bearing and machine failures.
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