OK Couplings

OK Coupling mounting and dismounting kit TMHK 37
Mounting and dismounting shaft couplings can be time-consuming operations that take hours or even days to complete. SKF OK Couplings can significantly reduce the time required to connect rotating shafts and flanges in heavy equipment such as large gearboxes.

An SKF OK Coupling does not require a keyway in the shaft or hub to transfer the torques. This is a major saving and helps avoid shaft stress raisers. They incorporate a thin tapered inner sleeve, designed to fit over the shaft, and a thick outer sleeve, with a taper matching that on the inner sleeve. Oil is injected at high pressure between the mating surfaces and the outer sleeve is driven up the inner sleeve with an integral hydraulic jack. Once correctly positioned, oil pressure is released and the resulting powerful interference fit enables high torques to be transmitted.
  • Easy, safe and quick to install
  • Keyless
  • Increased equipment performance
  • Extended service life
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduced Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)

Transmit 50% more torque with OKCX and OKFX couplings

The inner sleeve of the OKCX and OKFX couplings are coated with carbides utilizing advanced plasma technology. This coating increases the torque capacity considerably, 50% higher than for the OKC or OKF coupling of the same size, and gives the OKCX or OKFX coupling a number of advantages:
  • Higher torque can be transmitted
  • Can support heavier shock forces caused by fast rotation switches
  • Shaft diameter can be reduced
  • Coupling diameter and length can be reduced
  • Coupling weight can be reduced
  • Surface pressure from the coupling can be reduced
  • Reinforcement sleeves for hollow shafts not needed
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