Simplex Sterntube solutions – FlexiTube and SternTube

With Simplex FlexiTube and Simplex SternTube, SKF Marine offers precision technology in a complete package solution involving less preparation for the designer, the shipyard and the shipbuilder. The patented solutions are complete sterntubes including sterntube bushes, a patented sealing package and installation supervision.

It facilitates rapid and exact installation under the supervision of skilled personnel as well as easier maintenance and lower maintenance costs when the ship is in operation. For designing a customized Simplex FlexiTube or Simplex SternTube, only the type of hull, the sterntube length and the diameter of the propeller shaft is needed. The Simplex sterntube solutions are  suitable for all types and sizes of vessels.

  • A complete sterntube installation in less than eight (8) hours
  • Stress-free installation
  • Customized design
  • Turnkey solution ready for installation
  • Simple and precise installation
  • Simple and efficient cooling
  • Low wear on bearings, hull and shaft seals
  • Low and easy maintenance from within the engine room
  • Easily replaceable bearings
  • Low consumption of sterntube oil due to the optimized design
  • Compensation of mechanical deviations
  • Type approved by classification societies
Simplex FlexiTube as well as Simplex SternTube are available for vessels without shaft strut as well as for vessels with one or two shaft struts.
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