SKF Marine Condition Monitoring Solutions

SKF Marine Condition Monitoring Kit and SKF Marine Condition Monitoring Route Kit – optimize your ship operations

SKF Marine Condition Monitoring Kit
Ship uptime depends on the availability of on-board machinery. Finding ways to assess the condition of auxiliary machinery without having to disassemble the equipment is perhaps more important than ever. With the SKF Marine Condition Monitoring Kit and the SKF Marine Condition Monitoring Route Kit you can take a reliable, cost-effective step toward condition-based maintenance – and thereby optimize your ship’s operation.

  • Help maximize the availability of your critical and auxiliary machinery
  • Simplify maintenance and reduce maintenance costs
  • Give an early indication of possible problems
  • Easy to set up, use and understand
The SKF Marine Condition Monitoring Kit

With the SKF Marine Condition Monitoring Kit even an untrained user is able to understand the results of vibration data measurements and locate the source of the fault in the machinery.

The marine-specific software is preconfigured to convert the measured data into an easy-to-understand color-coded result. It gives an express analysis of the asset condition which allows customers to make a repair decision or to send data for further analysis by SKF.

A complete kit:
  • SKF Microlog GX 75
  • SKF Marine Condition Monitoring Kit marine library
  • Studs
  • Quality work instructions for setting up and operating the system
  • Preprinted stickers
  • SKF condition monitoring software package for reporting and trending
SKF Marine Condition Monitoring Route Kit

The SKF Marine Condition Monitoring Route Kit offers predefined templates for marine machines and specific condition monitoring database settings such as class alarm levels. It is possible to transfer the collected ship data via the SKF Enlight Centre communication platform to the SKF One Global Cloud, from which it can be accessed and analyzed by the SKF Remote Diagnostic Centre (RDC) team to support the ship’s engineer or the fleet technical manager, or directly by customers. The analyses and reports are presented in a clear and actionable manner to support ship’s engineers in performing maintenance activities.

A complete kit :
  • SKF Microlog GX 75
  • Models capturing SKF’s expert knowledge in monitoring rotating equipment in accordance with SKF standards and class requirements
  • Quality work instructions in accordance with engineers’ onboard needs
  • The software package is the SKF Enlight Centre, including connectivity to the SKF One Global Cloud, for reporting and trending the asset information. The information is also accessible to all users such as chief engineers, fleet managers and SKF remote diagnostic experts
Additional support for the SKF Marine Condition Monitoring Kits :
  • SKF can help set up the vibration collection points on your auxiliary machinery
  • Consulting service as part of a service agreement
  • Training for the crew

Machine health intelligence – connect to it with SKF Enlight Centre
SKF Enlight Centre is an easy-to-use software solution which offers the option of connecting directly to SKF remote diagnostic services, thereby delivering unrivaled performance and cost reductions through intelligent condition-based maintenance.

Key features of the SKF Enlight Centre:
  • The SKF Enlight Centre has a simple interface which presents the most valuable information (task and analyze view, dashboard). It is intuitive and user-friendly and requires the minimum of training
  • All data and analysis is presented via one interface; only a single web log-in is needed, live data analysis is possible
  • The system is web-based and takes the data directly from the SKF One Global Cloud – it helps save IT costs and centralized data storage provides access from anywhere
  • The communication platform allows different user roles (chief engineer, superintendent, fleet manager) and also, if needed, access to class surveyor and SKF remote diagnostic experts
  • The system provides all of the data and information needed to implement a successful condition-based maintenance (CBM) strategy, including planned maintenance work – for increasing operational safety, reducing downtime and saving cost and time
Our marine team would be happy to assist you in finding the optimum solution for your individual needs.
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