Alignment services

Shaft misalignment is an important cause of machinery failure. Generally, misalignment is caused by inadequate measurement techniques, an improper foundation, or degradation of the foundation.

The alignment of a propulsion unit can also be influenced by deformations in a vessel’s engine room and hull, caused by changes in the operating conditions, working environment or the draft conditions of a vessel. An optimal shaft alignment increases the life of bearings, seals and couplings, but also reduces energy consumption, noise, vibrations and excessive wear. This, in turn reduces the chance of costly downtime.

SKF Marine offers shaft alignment services for the full range of onboard machinery, from the main propulsion shafts and drives, to the smaller yet critical support equipment such as air compressors and cargo equipment. Machine Support service is a specialist with decades of experience in solving alignment issues.

Machine Support service combines its ShaftDesigner software with a range of technologies to provide precision shaft alignment solutions, from planned maintenance to 24/7 troubleshooting anywhere around the globe.

Measurements Machine Support service performs include:
  • Dynamic alignment measurements (on vessels in operation)
  • Static alignment measurements
  • Geometric measurements

For some alignment measurements, Machine Support service uses 3D measurement equipment, that can also be used to perform other 3D measurements whenever necessary.

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