Condition monitoring solutions for the maritime industry

SKF Microlog for marine
SKF Marine provides reliable condition monitoring (CM) solutions that are based on marine customers´ needs. This portfolio is built on the SKF condition monitoring product range and provides in-depth knowledge of a wide range of marine applications combined with decades of experience at sea.

The SKF Marine condition monitoring solutions are designed to serve a fleet CM program as a foundation of the fleet condition-based maintenance (CBM) strategy. This strategy complies with the class societies´ recommendations and requirements.

The SKF Marine portfolio includes solutions for:
  • Portable data collection, instant analysis and ad-hoc requests
  • Portable data collection as part of a ship condition monitoring program to complement the condition-based maintenance strategy
  • Continuous data collection from critical equipment
  • Running fleet condition monitoring programs as part of the fleet’s condition-based maintenance strategy – fleet CBM contracts
  • Services, e.g. pre-dry dock or annual vibration surveys as well as troubleshooting

The unique services and competitive advantages delivered by SKF Marine are not only evident in the simplicity of our solutions, but also the in depth of knowledge collected by the equipment on board. Our engineers are more than simply vibration specialists; they understand the performance of rotating equipment and can provide advice on how to improve it using SKF knowledge and solutions. 

These include:

  • Bearing arrangement and factors having an impact on service life
  • Proper sealing and lubrication
  • How to best perform mounting and dismounting of the bearings and seals
  • Shaft alignment and balancing
Moreover, SKF Marine is one of the pioneers of cloud-based condition monitoring and condition-based maintenance solutions.

Our philosophy is that everyone shall have access to the data at any time. The SKF One Global Cloud platform gives marine customers an opportunity to leverage the knowledge of shore-based SKF remote diagnostic experts.
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