SKF Marine online systems for critical applications

SKF Multilog Online Systems IMx series – speed up data collection and improve safety with online systems

With SKF condition monitoring, ship operators can plan maintenance well in advance and focus resources where needed. The condition of the machines is visualized onboard the vessel and summarized in customized reports that are shared with the onboard and land-based teams. SKF remote monitoring uses the SKF One Global Cloud server technology, enabling data to be easily accessed 24/7 worldwide.

The SKF Multilog Online Systems IMx series offers powerful, cost-effective solutions for a variety of condition monitoring applications. In conjunction with SKF software, SKF Multilog Online Systems provide a complete system for early fault detection and prevention, automatic recognition to enable the correction of existing or impending conditions, and advanced condition-based maintenance to improve machine reliability, availability, and performance.

The SKF Multilog Online Systems IMx series offers a wide range of hardware solutions with different numbers of dynamic or DC inputs. It covers a range from 8 channels and up. The latest development is the SKF Microlog Online System IMx-8.

Key features of the SKF Multilog Online System IMx-8:
  • 8 analog inputs and 2 digital inputs
  • True simultaneous measurements of all channels, true synchronous measurements programmable for up to 8 analog channels
  • Multi-parameter gating
  • Communication interface - MODBUS (RS 485 and Ethernet)
  • Multiple acceleration enveloping filters
  • Adaptive alarm levels
  • Memory buffer for improved performance when communications are down or in the event of a bad connection (no information is lost)
  • 3 output relay drivers (1 system failure normally closed) 2 general purpose relays
  • Compatible with SKF condition monitoring software (Observer)
  • Connectivity to the SKF One Global Cloud
  • DIN rail or wall-mounted, could be fitted in an existing cabinet
All SKF Multilog Online Systems collect data continuously (24/7) from permanently installed sensors and transmit it to a host computer which runs the SKF condition monitoring software.

SKF Marine’s qualified and certified specialists provide systems design and all of the documentation required to enable customers to perform installation by themselves or use a 3rd party.

SKF Marine provides supervision and commissioning of the system.

SKF online data acquisition devices are flexible and can take data from any sensor that provides standard voltage outputs or communicates via MODBUS.

Our marine team would be happy to assist you in finding the optimum solution for your individual needs.
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