SKF Solid Oil

The lubrication solution for demanding applications

Bearing applications in inaccessible areas present problems when relubrication is required. Other applications demand excellent resistance to contaminants, chemicals or centrifugal forces. Still others require the complete elimination of lubricant leaks. 

For these and other applications where oil cannot be supplied directly, or where ordinary grease does not comply with application requirements, SKF Solid Oil bearings present an outstanding solution.

SKF Solid Oil bearings are bearings with the rolling elements and cage encapsulated in a polymer matrix saturated with lubricating oil. The polymer completely fills the internal space. Using the cage as a reinforcement element, the polymer rotates with the cage. As it does, oil is released, providing good lubrication for the rolling elements and raceways during operation.

SKF Solid Oil advantages:

  • Keeps the oil in position
  • Brings more oil to the bearing than grease
  • Keeps contaminants out
  • Enhances service live
  • Is resistant to many chemicals
  • Can withstand large “g” forces
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