SKF Explorer four-row tapered roller bearings

New interchangeable design for open and sealed variants

4rTRB Sectioned with seal
As the result of an upgraded design, open and sealed variants of SKF Explorer four-row tapered roller bearings are identical in terms of external dimensions and load carrying capacity, setting a new standard for interchangeability and design freedom.

The compact design of the new SKF seal enables rollers to be larger, thereby increasing basic dynamic load rating C for sealed bearings. This provides the freedom to:

  • Replace current open bearings with the new open design
  • Replace new open bearings with the optimized sealed design without any trade off
  • Convert new open bearings to sealed versions at a later stage using an easy-to-assemble sealing kit

The newly optimized seal design provides improved performance compared to the previous design. Made with heat- and wear-resistant material, the new seal provides:

  • Improved sealing performance with less leakage
  • Reduced friction and operating temperature of the seal lip, resulting in longer seal service life 
  • Thermal and chemical stability to withstand high sliding velocities
  • High deflection and misalignment capability
  • No garter spring – eliminates risk of spring loss and other associated failure modes

Both open and sealed variants provide improved reliability, longer service life and reduced maintenance costs resulting from superior SKF design and manufacturing:

  • High quality steel and advanced heat treatment
  • High surface hardness and optimized surface finish
  • Four-cup design for even load distribution and longer life
  • Improved working contact surface for minimized friction
  • No cage standout, reduced risk of damage during handling

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