SKF SNL/SAF housings

Today’s most reliable solution for mounted bearings

SNL housing
SNL/SAF housings from SKF are manufactured to world-class quality standards to help ensure longer service life, ease of mounting, reduced maintenance requirements and longer relubrication intervals.

Prepared for grease lubrication and more

SNL/SAF housings come standard with two threaded holes for grease nipples, one in the centre of the housing cap and the other to one side of the housing cap. A grease nipple and adapters are provided inside the housing.
The design also incorporates flat surfaces for attachment of magnetic or fixed condition monitoring sensors. These surfaces are positioned to offer the most effective monitoring of the bearings. Benefits include:
  • Wide range of available sizes and accessories
  • Optimized housing bore tolerance and improved bore roundness
  • Improved heat transfer for longer lubricant life
  • Faster mounting and dismounting
  • Reduced maintenance costs

Diseñados para entornos severos

Diseñados para soportar el entorno de funcionamiento extremadamente duro de minas y molinos, los soportes SNL/SAF de SKF permiten recortar los costes de mantenimiento y garantizar la fiabilidad en diversos equipos.
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