SKF Insight®

For rail operators and OEMs, SKF Insight® is a groundbreaking innovation that enables SKF bearings to communicate their operating conditions continuously, with internally powered sensors and data acquisition electronics This built-in intelligence enables rail operators to “see” in real time how operating conditions are affecting the bearing.

Miniaturized smart components for measuring and diagnosing bearing performance are packaged within the bearing or bearing housing, rather than outside the machinery. This enables measurement of critical parameters such as RPM, temperature, velocity, vibration, load and other features.

Then, via wireless technology, bearings communicate their condition under various operating conditions instantly and directly through a gateway to remote diagnostic centres. In addition, embedded sensors are self-powering, charged by the movement of the bearing.

Benefits of SKF Insight include:
  • Improved maintenance planning
  • More accurate bearing condition data
  • Ability to observe bearing performance in real time
  • No need to run power to machinery or change out batteries frequently
  • Ability to monitor machinery in extremely remote locations
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