Condition monitoring for rail

Increasing maintenance intervals and availability

Reaching the rail industry’s goals of increased maintenance intervals and maintenance-free targets of more than one and a half million kilometers requires transitioning from time-based maintenance schedules to condition-based maintenance. This ensures vehicles are only taken out of service for maintenance when it’s actually necessary.

SKF bogie condition monitoring solutions use condition detection systems and sophisticated data processing algorithms to detect incipient damage. This allows sufficient time for repairs before significant mechanical failures can develop, helping to increase reliability and safety, while contributing to reduced maintenance costs, life cycle costs (LCC) and total cost of ownership (TCO).

A valuable condition monitoring partner

With over a century of expertise in rotating machinery, SKF’s technological knowledge is second to none. Our proprietary early warning algorithms and our diagnostic expertise are key advantages of our condition monitoring solutions.

Fast and flexible

From components to full systems, SKF is a proven technology supplier with full bogie monitoring solutions ready to go, as well as customized technology options.
Benefits of SKF condition monitoring:
  • Bogie maintenance cost reduction
    • Extension of maintenance intervals
    • Simplifying maintenance tasks
    • Reduced spare parts stock
  • Increase profitalbity by reducing unplanned downtime
    • Eliminate false alarms of hotbox detectors 
    • Early identification of imminent failures
    • Better component traceability
  • Increased workshop effectiveness
    • Reduce maintenance work time
    • Eliminate field testing
    • Check maintenance completion

Soluciones de monitoreo de condición para ferrocarriles

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