TH3 metering unit
TH3 metering unit from the SKF DosaLub product family for oil or grease up to NLGI grade 2, from 20 to 600 cm3 per stroke

Technical features:
  • Lubricant: oil and grease up to NLGI grade 2
  • Number of outlet: 1
  • Delivery rate: 20 to 600 cm³/per stroke
  • Lubricant inlet pressure: 20 to 200 bars
  • Operating temperature: 15 to 40 °C

Special features:
  • Volumetric metering independent of any change in temperature or lubricant viscosity
  • Possibility to electrically monitor the metering cycle with magneto-inductive proximity switches
  • The unit can be fed in lubricant from varied sources (drum pump, distribution network...)

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