Gerotor pump series for use in circulating oil lubrication systems

Pump series 143 EEX version
Pump series 143 - ATEX version

SKF gerotor pump units of product series 143 are self-priming, positive-displacement pumps with fixed displacement and high efficiency. They are used for a variety of  tasks and applications, especially in circulating-oil and total-loss lubrication systems.

Features and benefits:

  • Low volumetric flow pulsation allows very smooth running
  • Gerotor with a cycloid contour provides optimum suction characteristics
  • Low noises during operation
  • Large viscosity range for standard mineral and synthetic lubricating and hydraulic oils
  • Compact design with pump, motor, coupling and seal
  • Customizable solution
  • Durable and rugged gerotor pump unit designed and manufactured in Germany
  • 143 EEX versions offer reliable and safe operation in explosive environments (Zone 1, 2, 21, 22)
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