HNBR, commonly called Hydrogenated Nitrile or Highly-Saturated-Nitrile is a special Nitrile material formulated to increase strength and reduce fluid attack.  The process eliminates double-carbon chemical bonds that allow chemical attack in conventional NBR materials.  The resulting compounds have much higher strength, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance.  HNBR is not recommended for use with strong acids of chlorinated hydrocarbons.  The wider temperature range, toughness and wear resistance make C-7018 an excellent choice for use in oil field applications and other applications from -29°C to +160°C (-20°F to +320°F).
  1. 1)Values are typical averages only. Test information is based on specific conditions and limited sample size, and is only for general guidance. It does not supercede published data for the product. Customer must decide suitability for his purpose. Information applies at room temperature unless specified otherwise.
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