Optical inspection

SKF provides products and solutions for a wide variety of optical measurement and optical inspection applications related to bearing manufacture.  Primarily for rotation symmetric components, such as balls, rollers, rings and bearings, industrial optical inspection equipment from SKF keeps costs to a minimum while maximizing your application.
In optical systems, the following basic physical principle is involved:
"The appearance of the product is different to what we have decided to be acceptable." That appearance is dependent on three factors:
  • condition of the object - colour, roughness, etc.
  • nature of the illumination - white light, coloured light, laser light, etc.
  • properties of the sensors - matrix camera, line camera, single photo-detector, etc.
SKF specializes in all three of these areas, as well as in signal processing and handling of the products. Our goal is to keep factories running efficiently by helping to establish zero defect production and to control the surface appearance of your products.
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