Less unplanned downtime

Condition monitoring solutions from SKF

Avoiding unplanned stops starts with the right predictive maintenance approach. Condition monitoring tools and technologies from SKF allow you to detect and analyze motor problems before failures occur. Corrective actions can be planned and carried out well in advance of any costly machine failures, allowing you to avoid unplanned and costly operation stops.

SKF has also developed a refined multi-parameter monitoring, which is the most comprehensive, reliable and accurate approach to machinery monitoring and analysis. Components and systems that can be monitored are:
  • Bearings
  • Belt drives
  • Gearboxes
  • Electric motors

Online monitoring, 24/7

The greatest degree of worker safety and data consistency results from on-line monitoring for round-the-clock bearing and machinery analysis. SKF Online systems feat failure proprietary software and permanently installed sensors for optimal surveillance and analysis capabilities.


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