Optimized bearing selection

Electric motor bearing basics

Most electric motors are designed with a locating and non-locating bearing arrangement. The locating bearing positions the shaft axially. The non-locating bearing accommodates thermal expansion of the shaft, otherwise excessive axial forces could be induced on the bearing arrangement.

In most medium and large motors and generators, the locating bearing is a deep groove ball bearing, while the non-locating bearing is typically a deep groove ball bearing, a cylindrical roller bearing of NU or N design, or a CARB bearing. Smaller motors, fitted with two deep groove ball bearings mounted on a short shaft often have a cross-locating bearing arrangement.

Select your ideal arrangement with SKF

Of course, basic bearing arrangements are just the beginning. To optimize electric motor design, several application requirements need to be considered, including service life, noise levels and maintenance.

For example, if an application has high operating temperatures, it may not be possible to use greased-for-life bearings with seals or shields. Instead, other relubrication features may be necessary.

Whatever the requirements and conditions for your electric motor application, SKF can help you select the best bearing arrangement to meet them.

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