Reduced energy consumption

Electric motors can account for 70% of the electricity bill

No question about it, electric motors and generators consume the lion’s share of a facility’s electricity. Not surprisingly, motor designers and operators are looking for new ways to reduce energy costs and consumption. SKF can help.

Cut energy consumption with SKF bearings

By definition, bearings are energy savers, in that they reduce friction torque and minimize heat losses. SKF Energy Efficient Ball Bearings take these inherent advantages to unmatched levels, reducing bearing friction torque by 30 to 50% for most electric motor applications.

Best practices for repairs = better energy efficiency

In situations where a repair makes more economic sense than a motor replacement you must not forget its potential effect on the motor’s efficiency and your total cost of ownership.

As independent research shows, electric motor repairs or diagnostics not conducted according to best practices can reduce machine efficiency by several percentage points. Over time, even the smallest efficiency losses from repairs can lead to higher energy and maintenance costs.

By using an SKF Certified Rebuilder for your repairs, however, you can be assured that your motor is running as efficiently as the day it was commissioned.


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