Reliable rewinding and repairs

Some motor rebuilds can cost you long after the bill is paid

Electric motors generate a significant number of premature breakdowns, reliability incident reports and related productivity losses. Unfortunately, choosing the wrong rebuilder for repairs can actually increase operating costs over time.

If electric motor repairs or diagnostics are not conducted according to best practices, machine efficiency can drop by several percentage points. Independent research shows that even the smallest efficiency losses from repairs can lead to higher energy and maintenance costs.

Misdiagnosed problems and poor quality rebuilds can cause several expensive results, including:

  • Premature bearing failures
  • Higher energy costs
  • Recurring motor failures
  • Greater risk of unplanned downtime
  • Increased maintenance demands
    Shorter Mean Time Between Failures

Save money long-term with an SKF Certified Rebuilder

An SKF Certified Rebuilder can demonstrate that recurring breakdowns and unplanned downtime are not an inevitable cost of doing business. On the contrary, adhering to motor repair best practices prove that a properly rewound motor can be as efficient as it was when new.

See the link below to see how SKF Certified Rebuilder repairs, diagnostics, Root Cause Failure Analysis and other services can help your operation control costs and extend equipment service life.


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